SRD Grant Extended: SRD has Extended the Grant Until 2025, Here’s All We Know

Are you looking for an update on SRD Grant Extended? You are in the right place. In today’s article, we will let you know whether the news is real or fake. The SRD grants are surely helping millions of citizens in South Africa. Also, for some, grants are the only way to survive in bankruptcy. Please go through our complete article to get a thorough knowledge of the SRD Grant news.

SRD Grant Extended

Yes, you heard it right. The SRD Grant Extended news is real, for sure. The Government of South Africa has officially declared the extension till 2025 on November 2023. I know we are late to inform you regarding this update, but not that late. The SRD grants were introduced after the global pandemic to help people in the financial crises and provide them funds as monetary relief.

Who Qualifies For SASSA Increase 2024?


SRD Eligibility Criteria 2024

Reason Why SRD Imparted?

Types Of SASSA Grants

At the time of Corona pandemic, the whole country was in debt. The utmost motto for imparting SRD Grand was to help the country cope with financial disaster. This organisation imparts smiles to millions of faces through their work and by paying the amount to the qualificatory. To avoid creating a mess at the workplace, for receiving the grant, opt for the card hassle-free livelihood. The card will be tremendously helpful for the grant holders

Beneficiaries can even go for the golden card or the debit card to receive their grant through it. They do not have to visit the SASSA centre to get the cheques or visit a bank to pay the check and get cash. The cards can be used anywhere in the grocery stores, nearest ATMs, health institutes, and so on. Besides this, beneficiaries also have a cashless payment method by which they do not have to visit the post office to renew the card after expiry.

SRD has Extended the Grant Until 2025

Earlier, the grant was to expire in March 2024, but the finance minister rescheduled it till March 2025. The beneficiaries can now collect their funded amount as SRD grants till 2025. It is such a miracle for South Africans as there are still millions who have not received their first grant payment. The extension was much needed for continuous support to the eligible ones in hardships and ongoing economic downturns.

SRD Grant Extended

No worries about the payment mode. The eligible ones will receive the payment in the same way as before. But if any claimant wants to change the payment mode, they can do it by visiting the official website, where they will be asked for the payment mode in the ‘Current Payment Option’ and then choose a suitable one for themselves.

Importance Of SRD Grant

At the time of COVID-19, low-income holder families in South Africa were facing a challenging situation. There was a complete lockdown in the entire nation. The impoverished who do not have any secondary source of earning were worse affected. In such circumstances, the SASSA decided to make SRD grant payments to the individual to fulfil their medical need and also to the nation to boost their economic status.

SASSA imparts various types of grants to eligible candidates. Old Age Grants, Child Security Grants, War Veteran Grants, Disability Grants and Social Relief Distress all are part of Social Grants. Senior citizens must not have to rely on others for their basic requirements at this critical age group. The Child Security Grant helps parents to take care of their children in the disaster and they do not have to face problems in the upbringing.

Application Process For Grant

A monthly payment of R350 as a social security amount is received in the claimant’s bank account. Only the individual who qualifies for the grant will receive the payment. To claim the Social Grant, fill out the application from the official handles of SASSA SRD grants.

To know the eligibility norms, refer to our other article. If you do not want to go for the online mode, just visit the nearest SASSA offices, where the eligible ones will be given a form to fill out. During the whole offline process, the individual will be assisted by the employees present in the office.

Thanks for giving this article your quality time. To know more about SRD grants in detail, visit our home page, where we have a sperate article on the R350 Grants.

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