SASSA Pension Grant Dates 2024: When SASSA Pension is coming in February 2024?

Check the details about SASSA Pension Grant Dates 2024: When is SASSA Pension coming in February 2024? here. The seniors are out of money as the month is about to end. They are looking forward to the deposit of their next paycheck under the pension grant. We have provided all the SASSA Pension Grant Dates details in this article.

SASSA Pension Grant Dates 2024

The authorities of SASSA provide grants to all eligible candidates. The grants are released to provide financial stability to underprivileged individuals. The authorities release the grant on specific dates based on the category.

As we know, there are certain grants provided by the agency. The eligible candidates can withdraw the amount on the date of disbursement. The seniors are provided with the amount of R2100 every month. The amount is deposited in the first week of the month. Scroll the article to know more about the SASSA Pension Grant Dates.

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What Is The SASSA Pension Grant?

As we know, there are several benefits under the SASSA. The Pension Grant is one of the benefits. The Federal Government has been providing citizens with financial stability even after their retirement. The seniors who are retired will be granted the amount of R2100.

SASSA Pension Grant Dates

The amount is deposited directly into the accounts of the beneficiaries. The seniors have to be taxpayers during their employment. And provide their minimum contribution to the tax credit. The federal government has implemented the basic pay of R2100. This amount might be increased if the seniors are eligible for the additional benefits.

When is SASSA’s pension coming in February 2024?

The benefits are deposited in the first week of every month. The authorities give more priority to seniors who have no income other than the benefit plan.

The amount from the pension plan will be generated on the first day of disbursement. The deposit date for the pension grant is 2nd February. The seniors eligible for additional benefits like the disability plan will receive the deposit on the 5th of February.

Payment Increase In The Pension Grant

The authorities have decided to increase the amount of the deposit this month. As the economy is facing higher inflation, the effects can be seen in the seniors. To protect the seniors and to put some extra money in their pockets, the deposit money has been increased by 5 per cent.

  • The benefit amount will be increased by R500 or R1000 based on the situation of the candidates.
  • The basic amount of pension grant has been increased from R2000 to R2100.
  • Seniors above 75 years will receive the extra amount of R2105.
  • The seniors who are retired but are below 75 years old will receive the amount of R1985.
  • The candidate in the care dependency will receive a deposit of R2085.
  • the claimant who has applied for the disability grant will receive a paycheck of R2084.
  • The war veterans or military veterans will be provided with an increased deposit of R2105

Many of the candidates might have received the extra amount from the previous month, while few of them will receive the extra deposit from the next installment.

How do you check the status of the pension grant?

The candidates can check the grants’ details and status through the official portal. The candidates should log into the server using the credentials.

  • The status of the previous month will be displayed on the homepage.
  • The important notification button will be available on the sub-page.
  • The candidates should go through the “important Notification”. And check for teh status of your paycheck.
  • The calendar will be displayed on the webpage to select the month of a paycheck. The history of the disbursement is stored in the database.
  • The claimants can also view the status of the previous paychecks and the disbursement date.
  • The candidates will receive the status “Payment Processing”.

This status will be visible till the date of deposit. The status will change to “Payment released ” on the disbursement date.

Fact Check About SASSA Pension Grant Dates

The amount can be received from the pick-a-pay or the rental merchants and the checkers assigned by the authorities. The amount is not deposited on the bank holiday or the national holidays. If the date of deposit falls on the weekend. The paycheck will be deposited on the next functioning day or on staggered dates.

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