SASSA Payment Increase January 2024: Chances and Future of Increase in SASSA Grants

SASSA Payment Increase 2024: Chances and Future of Increase in SASSA Grants in 2024 and How to get them is discussed here. The citizens are eagerly waiting to know the information for the SASSA Payment Increase. The officials will check the eligibility and then provide the feasible amount.

SASSA Payment Increase 2024

The authorities of South Africa provide grants to citizens with disability or low income in monthly handouts.

The individuals are waiting for the grant issued by the authorities which is SASSA Payment Increase. Here are the details that the beneficiary can expect from the SASSA grant distribution in 2024.

SASSA Overview

The South African Social Security Agency is an agency assigned in the year 2005 to provide security deposits to the unprivileged and financially weaker section citizens. This act of social handout helped to increase the financial support and well-being of the nation.

Public Sector Wage Increase 2024

SASSA Payment Increase 2024

R350 Eligibility Criteria 2024

Over the year the agency had been responsible for the deposit of this grant into the direct accounts of the beneficiaries. This grant covers old age people, students, disabled people, patients and child support. We have provided the summary of the program below.

Article Name

SASSA Payment

Responsible Organization to implement

SASSA department

Benefit Amount

R350 – R2080

Expected raise

5% (Expected)

Frequency of Payment


Eligible Age

Above 18 years

The amount of the grant is different for each category depending upon the cost of living. The government had set R66 billion in funds for this social handout every year.   

SASSA Payment Increase

SASSA Grant Details

The SASSA had recently seen a boost in the month of October. Where there was a rise in the payment for child care and old age from the earlier grant of R350. The government had set the fund of R36 billion to be disbursed by March 2024.

The Authorities have recognized the challenges faced by the families and have decided to raise the grant for foster care from R510 to R520. With the increase in the economy and the cost of living, it is estimated that the grant will be increased for the year 2024. The grants that are being considered to be increased are child support, disabled category, and retired warriors.    

SASSA Payment Chances

The SASSA is a South African agency that is responsible for providing grants to unprivileged and financially troubled people. By the year 2023, almost 80% of the citizens are dependent on the grant issued.

The payment of the grant is decided based on the needs of the individual. The payment is deposited to the beneficiary every month. Since the inflation has risen, the authorities have made a decision to provide grants. The amount is deposited directly to the beneficiaries through direct banks or retail outlets in order to avoid fraud.

The authorities take a closer look at the disbursement of the grant. It is expected that the grant for old age will be issued on 3rd January 2024 and the disability grant will be issued on the 4th of January where as the child care grant will be issued on 5th January 2024.    

Future of Increase in SASSA Grants in 2024

The beneficiaries are expecting that there will be an increase in the grant from the next instalment. As the agency is responsible for the approval and distribution of the grant to the beneficiary, it might be difficult to lead these changes in the SASSA grant in 2024.

The beginning of Summer could be the duration of the SASSA Increase. Here are the details about the grant for the next three months. The grant is expected to be increased by 5% in the upcoming months. Here is an estimation of the increase in the grant details.

  • The retired individual will be given R2105.
  • The family with the child care will be granted with R2085.
  • The citizens with 75 years or older will be given R2010.
  • Citizens below 75 will be given a Grant of R2090.
  • The retired warrior’s Grant will be R2110.
  • The Foster care Grant will be R1130.
  • The patients’ grant will be R510

How to Collect Your SASSA Grant?

  • The grants can be collected through the bank or the retail outlets of the agency.
  • The authorities have warned the citizens not to rush to collect your grant on the first day of disbursement as the amount will be in the account until you need it.
  • The permanent Befeniciaries or the bank holders can get their grant directly from the bank accounts registered during the application process.
  • The grants are paid to the selected retailers around the country.
  • The applicants can get their grant from any of the outlets near their living.
  • The grants can be withdrawn at any time during the working hours of the outlet.

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