SASSA Payment Dates February 2024: When SASSA Payment is Coming in February 2024?

SASSA Payment Dates 2024: When are SASSA payments coming in January and February 2024? Read all the related information about SASSA payments in our article.

SASSA Payment Dates 2024

SASSA stands for South Africa Social Security Agency. It was found back in 2005. So let us first understand what social grants are. Social grants are all support in the form of payment provided to people who are financially weak and that can lead to poverty in the state.

SASSA works by processing all the claimants’ applications, going through the applications, and verifying and approving them if all the eligibility norms are followed.

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SASSA Payment Increase 2024

R350 Eligibility Criteria 2024

Then, paying the payment to the claimants is all that SASSA does. Most of the grants are paid monthly to the eligible ones. A Social Relief Distress Grant of R350 will be provided to the beneficiaries who are eligible for it. This program is for people under 18 to 60 years old who are not getting any support from any of the sources and are helpless.

SASSA Payment Dates

This article is filled with ample information that can help one know about all the related information for the SASSA Payment of R350.  Just peruse our article before taking a step forward.

When are SASSA Payments Coming in February 2024?

It has already been paid out to the claimants on the dates mentioned dates. It was provided to them in January 2024. The SASSA grant for old age, disability and children was distributed among the beneficiaries on January 3, January 4 and January 5 of this year respectively.  A grant of R350 was paid to the qualified ones.

Those who didn’t get it can reapply for the same through their official website. The grant amount of R350 is already processed and will directly reach their bank accounts within a week.

Types Of SASSA Payment Grants

The South African Social Security Agency provides citizens with many grants for their financial growth and better livelihood. They are paid to them under many categories which can be child support grants, disability grants, old age grants also known as old age pensions and many more. All these grants have their own norms and eligibility factors that are mentioned in brief in the second article.

  1. Child Support Grant: It is given to the primary caretakers of a child, whether the child is a biological or adopted one. If eligible, they will be granted R510 monthly to the parents or to the institution that cares for the child.
  2. Old Age Grant: Also known as old age pension, it is allotted to senior citizens who are above 60 years of age.
  3. Disability Grant: A grant is provided to people who are physically and mentally weak for more than six months. It is not meant for a lifetime but for 12 months but can be continued if the problem is not resolved.

To know about their eligibility criteria ill suggest viewing our second article in which we have mentioned al the eligibility criteria along with the documents required while applying for the grants.

Checking Status For SASSA Payment 2024

To know about the application status one can visit the official website. All that you’ll need is the SRD ID number and the mobile number. Just by providing these two pieces of information, one can check whether the payment status is processed or still pending.

Just follow the steps below to learn about the SASSA payment status for 2024.

  • Firstly visit the official website which is
  • After visiting it the applicant will be redirected to the website’s Home page.
  • Then enter two crucial information the mobile number and the South African ID number.
  • Fill in the SRD ID number inside the ID number tab followed by the mobile number and then just click on Grant now.
  • After that, you can see the payment process on your screen if you want it for future reference take a screenshot of it.

There are various methods by which one can check the SASSA payment status. They are through the official website, via mobile app, by SMS, Call, or directly through WhatsApp.

Expected Results For Payment Status

A few results that can be seen on the applicant screen while checking for the payment status are provided below.

  • Status Declined: If the claimant’s status shows declined it means that SASSA has declined their application for some reason and the reason will be mentioned below the notice. It could be anything that one has not followed the eligibility criteria or something else.
  • Status Pending: If the screen shows you this notification, the application is under process and the result will be soon declared.
  • Cancelled: That indicates SASSA has canceled your application, which can be done again by visiting their main website.
  • Application Approved: It simply means that your application has successfully reached SASSA and the grant of R350 will be provided if the claimant meets all the criteria.

The South African Government has already announced that there are no targeted dates for the payment. The payment once processed will reach the targeted account within 7 to 14 days.

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