SASSA Appeal 2024: How to Appeal SASSA Grant in South Africa? All You Should Know

SASSA Appeal 2024: How to Appeal SASSA Grant in South Africa? All the related information which is related to it is given in this article. SASSA provides various types of grants: ChildĀ support grants, Old age grants, and more. If one wants to apply for any of these grants, SASSA Appeal can be used.

SASSA Appeal 2024

In some cases, many individuals did not receive the SRD grant by SASSA. As the SASSA re-examined they found still there were still citizens who needed it but their forms were rejected. Later they concluded that some still have not recovered from the COVID-19 crisis and they can appeal for the SRD by refilling the form.

The Social Relief Distress was put in force at the time of the Global pandemic in the year 2020 as some citizens were trying their level best to cope with the financial crisis which indirectly was leading to the rise of the poverty rate. In the year 2020 Grant of R350 was imparted to the applicants who met all the eligibility criteria by filling out the form for the SASSA appeal.

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SASSA Payment Increase 2024

R350 Eligibility Criteria 2024

What Is The SASSA Card?

SASSA Card helps all the beneficiaries to get their claimed amount in it. Earlier its expiry was anticipated on 31 December 2023. But later on, can know it will be continued in 2024. Citizens can use access to the same card to get their payment monthly. Millions of happy faces can be seen after this announcement by the post bank of SASSA. The Golden Card holders are carefree now and do not have to apply for a renewal application or have to change for the other bank card.

SASSA Appeal

Golden Card played crucial role in securing payments and dealing with all types of inconveniences while making payments by providing suitable withdrawals. The payment withdrawals can be done from any bank ATM.

Types Of SASSA Grants

There are many types of grants provided by the South African Social Security Agency considering the various types of age groups as well as the financial condition of the nation. Read the below-given types for better insight.

  • Child Support Grant: Child Support Grants can be claimed by the beneficiaries if their annual income is less than R52800 as a solo parent and R105600 if both parents earn. This grant can be claimed if the parents and the child follow certain eligibility norms.
  • Old age Grant: Old age pension is imparted to the senior citizens of South Africa who are age 60 or above. The supreme amount that can be imparted is R2110 if aged 70 and beyond and R2090 if aged between 60 to 75. This is the monthly payment paid out to the senior citizens so that they dare not be looked after they do not feel financially weak and their basic needs can be fulfilled.
  • Disability Grant: The grant is paid out to permanently or temporarily disabled people who are disabled physically as well as mentally. If this condition continues for 6 months or more then this grant can be applied by them or on behalf of them. Remember it is not a lifetime grant and a monthly payment of R2090 will be received which will be directly reflected to the bank account.

Beyond all these there are other grants too. Like foster child grants, Grants in aid, war veterans grants and so on.

How do you appeal an SASSA grant in South Africa?

In this part of the article, we have broached all the steps to plead for the SASSA Grant. Follow the steps listed for a seamless procedure.

  • Pay a visit to the main page of the SASSA website.
  • Fill in the South African ID number allotted in the application process along with the phone number.
  • Enter the PIN generated on the registered mobile number.
  • Select an appropriate month to plead.
  • Choose a significant reason for the appeal.

And all set, by following the above-mentioned steps the applicant can experience a streamlined process.

Eligibility Norms For SASSA Grants

The authorities have provided the rules that have to be followed by the SA citizens. We have shared the details here:

  • The beneficiary must be a citizen of South Africa or should hold a permanent resident card.
  • Must have a South African ID if not can apply for it.
  • Age group must be 18 to 60 years depending on what grant one is appealing for.

All these are certain basic and common criteria. Various other grants have discrete rules that have to be checked from the leading portal.

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