R350 Eligibility Criteria 2024: What Are the Changes in SASSA Grant Eligibility in 2024?

R350 Eligibility Criteria 2024: What Are the Changes in SASSA Grant Eligibility in 2024? Get all the related information about it in our article.

What Are The Changes In SASSA Grant Eligibility In 2024?

An abundance of information about the SASSA grant eligibility as well as all related information about the new grant 2024 is mentioned in this article. In this article, we’ll do a factual analysis of the SASSA grant and the changes whether it is a myth or damn true. Know more about it by reading it further.

The vital changes in SASSA Grant 2024 are predicted to boost up. But it will only be for the senior citizens living in  South Africa. Senior citizens in South Africa are those under the age of 75 or above. It is anticipated to be R2100 by his year.

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Let us check out the eligibility criteria for the SASSA Grant. Since the past decade, the grant amount has increased a lot. For different age groups and crises, different grants are provided to the eligible ones, providing them with financial assistance. A few of them are listed below.

What Is a Child Support Grant?

A child support grant is paid out to the child’s primary caretaker. The primary caretaker no matter who it is its can be the grandparents, parents or a child above 16 years of age who is heading the entire family.

If the child is not their biological child they’ll have to collect all the certificates used while applying for the grant. The certificates required can be from the police station, via biological parents or the school principal which must states that currently you are the child’s caretaker.

R350 Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Standards For Child Support Grants In 2024

  • If one isn’t the child-parent certificates from the police, biological parents or the school principal should be added which should state that you are the child’s primary caretaker.
  • Citizenship matters a lot the applicant must be a citizen of South Africa or must hold permanent residency.
  • The annual income shouldn’t be R52800 for solo parents and R105600 if both are earning.
  • An amount of R510 will be credited every month as per child support grant.

What Is an Old Age Grant?

An old age grant also known as an old age pension is a payment paid to senior citizens above the age of 60 years. To get this pension one must be a citizen of South Africa, a permanent resident or Stateless ( who is forced to live over there)

Eligibility Standards For Old Age Grants In 2024

  • The claimant must be a citizen of South Africa, a permanent resident holder, or a displaced person. ( A person who flees to a different country from their home country and now is forced to live there)
  • If the senior citizen is below 75 the amount that will be received Is R2090 and above will get R2100.
  • The payment will be made by direct deposit to the bank accounts or to the nursing home where the claimant stays.

Also in some cases, the grant will be omitted if the senior citizen is shifted to the state institution, not claiming for it for 3 months or above or has passed away over time. The application process takes three months and the pension will be granted starting from the date one applies for it.

How To Apply For The Old Age Pension.

In this part of the article, we have mentioned a few simple steps that should be followed if one wants to apply for an old age grant or a pension. The whole process is free of cost no charges in any part will be applied to the applicant. Follow the step-by-step process listed below for a smooth experience.

  1. Visit the nearest SASSA office and don’t forget to bring the following documents.
  • A government ID, which contains 13 digits, is a must.
  • Residential proof
  • Martial status proof
  • Proof of income and the properties owned by one.
  • Bank statement for last three months.
  1. All details mentioned above are to be filled in the form in the presence of the SASSA officers. Besides this, a few questions will be asked by him.
  2. Only if the citizens pass the interview round will be provided with the receipt. Just keep the receipt safe for future reference.

R350 Eligibility Criteria 2024

During the COVID-19 pandemic that was a global pandemic, many people lost their jobs which indirectly increased poverty. SASSA launched a program that will provide social assistance to the lower-class people living over there. Financial assistance of R350 is to be granted to people who fall under the category of a child, disabled or aged.

Before applying for an SASSA grant of R350 go through all the eligibility criteria mentioned below.

  • The claimant must be a South African citizen or a permanent residential holder.
  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 60 years.
  • The citizen must be unemployed and should not be receiving any assistance through other government programs.
  • The applicant is not receiving any COVID-19 support.

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