R350 Appeal Status Check: How to Check R350 Appeal Status and Who can Appeal?

If you want to know about the R350 Appeal Status Check, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be covering the synopsis of the appeal check and the procedure, plus the eligibility if you are the one who applied for the grant but got rejected. Here are we who will assist you with what should be done next. Read it till the end to get ample information.

R350 Appeal Status Check

The R350 Grant was introduced among South Africans at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Launching the R350 grant aimed to help people who suffered a lot during a hard Coronavirus attack. Millions of Africans at the time of lockdown were jobless and were facing financial disaster. To cope with this situation, SASSA developed a new SRD Grant grant.

Almost half of the South African population received the R350 Grant. R350 appeal is for those rejected in the first attempt for some reason. The SASSA should have mentioned the cause of disqualification along with the rejection mail. Go through it, and if you still find that you are a qualifying candidate, appeal for the grants once again.

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How to Check R350 Appeal Status

Individuals who have appealed to the R350 grant can check the status online by following the steps below.

  • Visit the official web page of the SASSA appeal.
  • Now, fill in the login credentials and the 13-digit ID number.
  • Fill out the mobile number used while creating an account.
  • Now, the status will be visible on the screen.

Please do not fill out the crucial data on an unofficial website. Unofficial sources may lead to data theft.

Who can Appeal?

The forms were filled out heavily by the eligible candidates but were rejected due to certain reasons. Many eligibles received a monthly benefit of R350. Individuals who do not have any secondary source of income faced hardship during the global pandemic and qualified for the amount. Have patience till the application status is not clearly accepted or rejected. After a month of receiving the rejection status individual can re-fill the forms even though there is no deadline for the appeal.

The claimant who got disqualified can appeal for the grant. Despite that, individuals who have not applied for the grant in the past can now do so. Barely 60 thousand applicants have been confirmed by the SASSA, yet they disapproved millions of applications. Many faced unfair disqualification, so here is a chance that they grab by filing an appeal. Hurry up and do not delay to get the benefited of the grants.R350 Appeal Status Check

How To Appeal For R350?

Remember that the eligible candidates can only appeal for the grant. To appeal, follow the guidelines mentioned here.

  • Visit the official web portal of SASSA appeal.
  • Now the screen will ask to fill out the credentials like South African ID No. And the registered mobile number.
  • After filling out the mobile number request for a PIN.
  • Enter the PIN in the allotted space available on the web page.
  • Select a particular month in which you would like to receive the SRD grant.
  • Once all the data is filled, submit it, and the page will show you a successfully submitted notification.
  • Be calm till SASSA reviews your application.

SASSA will surely notify you of the application status once processed through mail or text message. R350 Appeal Status Check can also be checked by individuals by the steps mentioned earlier if they do have patience.

Reason Of Rejection

There are ‘n’ of reasons why the application was rejected. We will focus on the major ones in this piece of the article.

  • In case individuals have not provided sufficient information to SASSA.
  • If SASSA finds that your monthly income is more than R565, you will be disqualified.
  • There is an ill match in the name and surname and even the SA ID Number.
  • In case they are already receiving benefits from other social grants.
  • If the claimant does not meet the age criteria that is between 18-60 years.
  • Avoid misrepresentation of any paper for the aim of receiving the grant.

Beyond these, there are other reasons, too. Do not worry about that. SASSA will let you know the accurate reason for application failure. We hope we have answered all your queries which are on your mind through this article.

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