Facebook Settlement Check 2024: When FB Settlement Payment is Coming in 2024?

Facebook Settlement Check 2024: When FB Settlement Payment is Coming in 2024? All Details can be checked from this page now. Many users have been scammed by Facebook and have applied for a settlement claim. If you are one among them read the article to know more about the Facebook Settlement Check 2024.

Facebook Settlement Check 2024

Everyone knows that Facebook is one of the leading platforms in the world. There are millions of users on the website. Many of them share their daily updates on Facebook, urging the hackers to perform malicious activities on it.

However, there was a privacy breach by the company where these personal data were released on the internet. The users have filed a case against the company for their policy breach in the US court. Read the article to know more about this Facebook Settlement Check 2024.

Downfall of Facebook

The users have trusted the authentication and privacy policies of the app and uploaded many of their personal data on the app. Facebook claims to protect its user’s data. But around four years back there was an allegation on Facebook for sharing personal information with third-party companies.

Facebook Settlement Check 2024

There were millions of users who have filed a lawsuit against the company for sharing the data. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announced to release of the settlement amount to the users. The company had released the 725 million USD as the settlement amount. On average, every user will receive 30 USD.

When FB Settlement Payment is Coming in 2024?

In the final verdict, the US court ordered the company to settle the case, with the fine of 25 million and 725 million USD as Settlement money that will be provided to the users.

The court has given the timeline of 90 days to release the amount to the users. It is estimated that the final amount will be issued to the users by the early months of 2024.

Many of the users have filled out the application form to claim the settlement amount. These applications will be verified by the company before the release of the amount. These applications were filled in the month of August.

Facebook Settlement Check

Over 2 billion users have registered themselves for the Settlement amount. Every applicant will not receive an equal amount of settlement There are certain criteria to be followed by the user to receive the amount. The user will be given the amount based on the time spent on the app and the information breach on the internet.

Around 50000 applicants have been rejected by the company. These applications are rejected due to insufficient documents or fake applicants that were issued to claim the amount.

Eligiblity to Claim the Settlement Amount

  • The user filling out the application should have an active account from 2007 to 2022.
  • the user should have spent more than 6 hours on the app.
  • The users with fake accounts will not be provided with the settlement amount.
  • The users who feel that their privacy rights have been violated are eligible to fill out the application form.

Details required to claim the Settlement Amount

There are certain details that will be verified by the company to avoid the fraud in the applications.

  • The original user ID
  • The registered email and phone number
  • Identity proof
  • If you deleted the account,the recovery email ID or the contact information
  • The bank details
  • The residential proof to validate that you are a US citizen

How to Submit the Claim Application Form?

  • The application for the Settlement claim had to be filled out before August 2023.
  • The application was available on Meta’s official website.
  • The application was filled with the required information as personal details, contact information, and the registered username and password.
  • Over 500 words of query notes were provided to fill the complaints.

How to CLAIM The Settlement Amount?

  • The settlement amount will be deposited directly into your account after the company’s successful verification process.
  • The amount will be deposited using Paypal or the MasterCard as you prefer.
  • The paper cheque can also be mailed to your address according to your preference given in the application form.

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