$3,500 CPP Increase 2024 Date and News: Fact Check About Latest CPP Increase

Check the details about the $3,500 CPP Increase 2024 Date and News: Fact Check About Latest CPP Increase news here. The seniors retiring this year or who have retired in the final quarter of the previous year will receive a $3,500 CPP Increase. Their details should be updated in the “My CRA Account”.

$3,500 CPP Increase 2024

The increase in the inflation rate has affected the benefit plans of Canada. The CPP Pension plan is expecting an increase of $3500 in the monthly paychecks. The increase is expected to be implemented in the forthcoming months.

The updated amount will be issued to the individuals from February 2024. The increase can be seen in the other benefit plans of CPP such as Disability Plan, Disability Pension Plan, and the Post Retirement Plan. Scroll down to know more about the $3,500 CPP Increase.

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News of  $3,500 CPP Increase 2024

The Canada Revenue Agency has been providing financial stability to the citizens after their retirement and during the disability period. The CPP provides the benefits to the applicants above 65 years old. the candidates with the long-term disability or the temporary disability are also eligible for the benefit plan.

$3,500 CPP Increase

The CPP has been seeing constant changes in the benefit plan for the past few years. the CPP was paid in the single segment where the base payment was issued to the beneficiary’s account. The authorities have decided to increase the payment which the claimant was receiving from the previous year. The CPP has introduced the second segment of disbursement. The amount of $3500 will be divided between these two instalments.

Date of  $3,500 CPP Increase 2024

The second segment of disbursement will be added in 2024. The amount deposited to the beneficiaries will be received in two paychecks. The paychecks are usually deposited at the month’s end. The first instalment dates are listed below in the table.

CPP Month   Schedule 
Jan 2024 27
Feb’24 24
March 2024 29
April’24 26
May 2024 29
June 28
July 2024 27
Aug 2024 29
Sept 27
Oct 28
Nov 28
Dec 20

The dates for the second instalments are estimated to be during the mid-month.

CPP Payment Increase From 2019 To 2024

The pandemic and the economic breakdown have affected the CPP payments over the years. there are certain modifications in the paychecks from 2019. The benefit has been increased from 4.9% in 2019 to 5.6% in 2023.

These changes are estimated to be increased by 4% in 2024. The chance in the marginal rates during the past few years have been listed below

Years Changes in CPP for employer/employee Changes in CPP for self-employed 
2019 5.10% 10.2%
2020 5.25% 10.5%
2021 5.45% 10.9%
2022 5.70% 11.04%
2023 5.90% 11.15%

These changes are for the first instalment of the previous year. with the addition of the second segment in the disbursement. The graph of the deposit will be changed in the upcoming months.

Effect Of CPP On The Disability Benefit

The increase in the pension plan will affect the disability benefit plan. The disabled worker,m who have contributed their minimum salary of employment will also receive an increment of $3500. The additional supplement of the disability will be added to the paychecks.

Families with more than two disabled members will receive $3000 per child if the child is dependent. $2000 will be issued to the child who is above 17 years old.

Effect Of CPP On The Survival Pension Plan

The authorities of canada.ca have decided that the survival plan will also be increased. the individual under the survival plan will receive the updated amount of $1150.

Families with two dependent children will receive the amount of $2500. The benefit of OAS will also be added to the paychecks.

Effect Of CPP On The Post-Retirement Plan

With the increase in the CPP, the amount received under the post-retirement benefits will, also be increased. The pensioners will receive the amount of $3200 on the first instalment date.

The increase in the old age pension plan will also be included in the deposit. The benefit from such amounts is the financial stability for the seniors. They will not have to be dependent until they survive.

Fact Check About Latest CPP Increase

The CPP contribution rate for self-employed applicants is fixed at 11.90 percent. The maximum contribution for the individual is CAD75600. The employees working under the specific company had to pay the partial tax credit where the other part would be paid by the employer. The employer pays 4% of the worker’s credit.

With the addition of another instalment, the maximum limit of earning has also been increased. The maximum limit of earning for the individual is $68500. The extended limit for the family to be eligible for the CPP benefit is $66400. The direct deposit method is used to transfer the CPP amount.

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